First post — Crypto & Finance

It’s my first post in Medium, and what gave me the inspiration to write is all this faze about crypto and my passion for finance.
It seems that for most new in crypto markets the important is to know which coins will go up or down the next morning, or when the next bubble will burst.
However, for those versed in some standard portfolio optimization techniques, not only future asset return information should be gathered constantly, but one should also be searching for “diversification”, “volatility adjusted returns”, “betas” and so on. If all of these keywords are unknown to you, I will try to explain them clearly in future posts and try to apply them to the crypto world.
I would like to state that in these posts I will give my personal opinion on this subject, and by no means should be taken as financial advice. Cryptocurrency is evolving and has its own risks, please DYOR and invest with caution.

Industrial Engineering, Economics and Crypto lover